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About Us
Our Symbol You may not see our logo on the shampoo you use every day,Website:, the wet tissue for your baby, or the detergent you wash the dishes with, but we work extremely hard to ensure their quality. We work in close collaboration with a wide variety of manufacturers and distributors to enhance their products with our biodegradable and high-quality surfactants. Who We Are Hugo New Materials began its exciting journey with its first factory in 2014. Headquartered in Wuxi city, East China, we are dedicated to produce Alkyl Polyglucosides and supply to our clients with our professional knowledge and capabilities. As an emerging manufacturer of Alkyl Polyglucosides, we have ranked top three in this field in China. However, we realize that our goal would not become reality without our customers, suppliers, and employees. We invite you to explore our portfolio of products to give us a chance to add value to your business. Our Capacity Currently our capacity is 5000 tons per year. Vision To become the customers'first choice in surfactant field. Values We strongly believe in the value that we should do business with trust and transparency, and we're surely on the right way.
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alkyl polyglucoside,decyl glucoside,coco glucoside,lauryl glucoside,nonionic sufactant